Entry Fees:

  • $65 per class
  • $45 mileage class (1st class any person traveling 350 miles or more to race)
  • $75 per payout class (if the class is available)
  • $40 additional classes
  • $200 unlimited classes per weekend (per racer, excluding payout classes)


Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for any class with at least two entries. (No awards will be given for single entry classes except if it is a Junior or Beginner Class)

2017 included Riverfest in Wichita; Fremont Lake in Nebraska; Pomona Lake in Kansas; and a joint venture at Keystone Lake in Oklahoma.  We had wonderful racers and saw several new faces this year.  From returning vets to new juniors.  There’s a class for everyone with Nautiwater Racing.

We are always looking for possible locations to host our tour. If you have a location interested in hosting a tour date for 2018 or 2019 or if anyone has a location in mind or any ideas please email me at nautiwater@live.com.

We are also looking for anyone that wants to be part of the NautiWater Event Staff. In addition, there are still sponsorships available at all levels. If you want to sponsor a race or know of a business that will make a good sponsor, contact me. I’ll provide material and information.

Please email us with your thoughts or comments: nautiwater@live.com